Thursday, June 23, 2011

Melange Solid Perfume Blending Palettes - Spa Magazine

Melange Solid Perfume Blending Palettes
Spa Magazine, Summer Issue

Melange Solid Perfume Blending Palettes are featured in the Summer issue of Spa Magazine's Worldwide Travel issue.  I am a huge fan of this magazine because it highlights some of the worlds most beautiful spa's and the ways they use local plant and flower extracts and minerals in their treatments.

If you are like me and have been asked to hand-over a bottle of perfume at an airport checkpoint you understand why we love the blending palettes so much.  Small & lightweight, they breeze through a checkpoint and still deliver all the benefits of a suitcase full of fragrances. 

Our Green Notes palette (featured above) contains four solid perfumes:

- Green Tea & Honeysuckle
- Cut Grass & Paperwhite
- Cucumber, Sakura & White Tea
- Mimosa, Mint & Citron

Any of these blends is perfect worn alone.  Or, you can release your inner perfumer and blend Green Tea & Honeysuckle with Mimosa, Mint & Citron.  For evening, you could add a top note of Cut Grass & Paperwhite.  I love wearing Cucumber, Sakura & White Tea with Mimosa, Mint & Citron.  My current obsession is to blend Green Tea & Honeysuckle with Jasmine & Neroli from the Floral Notes palette. 

Here is the best part:  At $28, you can indulge in creating your perfect summer fragrance and still afford a treatment at your favorite spa...

Happy summer (and blending)

Melange Perfume
Melange - french, to mix or blend


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