Saturday, January 14, 2012

Japanese Tea Rose and Sakura Blossom

The studio is alive with the fragrance of Japanese Tea Rose and Sakura Blossom.  We are hard at work on our new Solid Perfume singles.  Each fragrance takes on a special meaning for me.  I have always loved our Japanese Tea Rose.  It has a wonderful, fresh green top note that is unlike most Rose notes I encounter.  When I first tried our Sakura Blossom (also known as Cherry Blossom) I was intrigued.  It had a definite fruit body but possessed this lovely floral attribute that was unique from any fruit note we used before.  I learned that in Japan many people celebrate the bloom of the Cherry trees by celebrating the Hanami, a gathering of friends and family under the trees to take in their gorgeous fragrance and admire their beauty.  The two notes balance one another so beautifully and are so blendable - I am wearing the Japanese Tea Rose with our Cedar, Musk & Patchouli today.  Happy Saturday!

Melange Perfume
Los Angeles