Wednesday, January 1, 2014

White Lily, Sandalwood, Amber, Tonka
The lure of the Lilium Casa Blanca, long lauded as the most fragrant of all Lily flowers, enhanced with notes of Sandalwood, sweet Amber and luscious rich Tonka Bean.  A sophisticated floral mélange that is a winter favorite and wearable year-around.
Alcohol free, each Mélange Roll-On Perfume is formulated in a natural base of fractionated coconut oil which allows our perfume to remain largely unchanged over time; and antioxidant Hawaiian Kukui Nut oil. 
All Mélange Perfumes are assembled and poured by hand in our Los Angeles studio in small quantities so that they arrive to you perfectly fragrant.  At .25 ounces, they are the perfect size for your handbag or travel because when you love your fragrance it should go everywhere with you.  Wear alone or blend with Mélange Perfume No. 5; No. 8 or No. 15 to create a unique fragrance blend.  $20 USD.  Available online or at stores nationwide.
Mélange Perfume - Los Angeles
mélange - French: to mix or blend