Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Melange Solid Perfume & Roll On Perfume

Introducing the new Melange Roll-On Perfumes & Melange Solid Perfumes

Our new perfume lines are inspired by the fragrance bar at our store, Melange Apothecary. Each perfume features our most popular notes & blends, beautifully packaged and priced within reach.

Roll-On Perfumes - $18

16 separate & distinct blends. No. 1 - No. 7 (Blue Box) are lighter & cooler fragrance blends; No. 8 - No. 14 are warmer & heavier fragrance blends. Alcohol free, we use a base of natural Coconut Oil Fractions and Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil. Visit our website for detailed descriptions of each blend.

Solid Perfumes - $15

27 select fragrance notes formed in a base of natural Beeswax & Jojoba Oil. This painstaking process produces a beautiful solid perfume that glides onto the skin. Each perfume is designed to be worn alone or blended with one another to create a custom fragrance. Visit our Blending Guide to help you select notes for blending -- or you can release your inner-perfumer and create your own... the possibilities are endless.

Choose From:

Pink Box/Floral - Honeysuckle; Iris; Lilac; Polynesia; Frangipani; Japanese Tea Rose; Melati Jasmine; Sugandaraja Tuberose; Neroli Blossom & Orange

Purple Box/Fruit - Asian Pear; Black Currant; Plum; Sakura Blossom; Pomegranate & Grapefruit; Grenade; Fig & Pear

Green Box/ Green & Citrus - Pink Grapefruit & Jasmine; White Tea & Ginger; Mandarin & Green Tea; Mimosa Blossom & Citron; Green Tea; Paperwhite.

Orange Box/Warm & Woody - Amber & Santal; Tobacco Leaf; Santal & Lily; Vanilla Orchid; Cedar, Musk & Patchouli; Amber Noir.

Our Melange Perfumes are also available at our retail store, Melange Apothecary.

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