Monday, June 6, 2011

Melange Perfume Blend No. 1

Melange Roll-On Perfume
Blend No. 1

Waterlily, Cucumber, Cut Grass

This understated & light blend has captivated many people who previously would not wear perfume.  The fragrance of delicate Waterlily flowers is artfully interlaced with notes of Cucumber & Cut Grass.  An inspired balance of aqueous, floral & green notes.

Alcohol free, each Melange Roll-On Perfume is formulated in a natural base of fractionated coconut oil, which allows our perfume to remain largely unchanged over time; and antioxidant Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil.  Our perfumes are hand-poured in our studio and inspired by the most sought-after notes in custom blending.

Each perfume blend is numbered in an archive format.  Our perfumes are designed to be worn alone or blended with one another to create a custom fragrance blend - melange (french), to mix or blend.

Melange Roll-On Perfumes are available online or please check our website for a store location near you. 

Melange Perfume
Los Angeles

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