Thursday, August 5, 2010

Melange Solid Perfume Blending Palettes

Solid Perfume Blending Palettes
Several years ago I had dinner with a editor from Women's Wear Daily. I had just opened my store Melange Apothecary and was busy custom blending in-store with my clients and observing their preferences.  To keep things moving in the store, I developed small solid perfumes in the most popular fragrance notes and placed them away from the fragrance bar.  They were an instant success -- but not for the reasons I thought.  People began to mix and match the solids, much the way they did the perfume notes at the fragrance bar.

She loved the solid perfumes.  When she asked me what I wanted to do next I casually replied "I am going to develop blending kits so people can mix and match the solid fragrances, they should be ready shortly".  Fast forward 3 years, countless blends and prototypes and a lot of watching and listening to what our customers and retailers liked most.

We are very excited about our Melange Perfume Blending Palettes. Each palette contains four finished fragrances that can be worn alone or blended with any or all of the other fragrances to create a unique custom blend.  Custom Blending at your fingertips... ! Each perfume is prepared in a blend of natural Beeswax and Jojoba Oil.  Each perfume is a blend of the most sought-after fragrance notes in custom blending.  Choose the following Palettes - Floral, Amber, Fruit, Citrus & Green.  We will post comprehensive information on each palette in the coming weeks, just in time for the transition from summer to fall and winter fragrances. As always, our emphasis is on making fragrance exploration accessible, approachable and interesting for all...

Packaged in a magnetized parchment case, they are the perfect size for a handbag or travel and make a unique and fun gift! Melange Perfume Blending Palettes are available on our website,, and fine stores.  For a list of stores near you or a complete description of the fragrances, please see our website

Melange Perfume Blending Palettes - $28

Melange Perfume
Los Angeles, CA 91325

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