Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Melange Solid Perfume Singles: Limited Edition Fragrances for 2013

Mélange Solid Perfume
Limited Edition Fragrances
August - September
 Inspired by the most sought-after fragrance notes, artfully formulated in our signature base of natural Beeswax & Jojoba Seed Oil.  Hand-poured in our Los Angeles studio so they arrive to you perfectly fragrant, this perfect mélange glides onto the skin and disperses the fragrance notes perfectly.

These two limited edition blends are perfect for the long, final days of summer and your approach into fall. At .25 ounces they are the perfect size for travel or a handbag because when you love your fragrance it should go everywhere with you.  Available online at www.melangeperfume.com
Ginger & Honeysuckle
fresh ginger enlivened with a base note of aromatic Japanese honeysuckle (lonicera japonica).  This gorgeous night-blooming honeysuckle note is prized for its fragrance & perfectly balanced with a top note of fresh Indian Ginger.
.25 ounces.  $18USD
Frangipani & Amber
seductive frangipani adorned with a rich amber base note.  The perfect marriage of a flower so compelling it lures the Sphinx Moth on moonlit evenings; together with our signature sweet amber base. 
.25 ounces.  $18USD

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