Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring at Last!

 It's official.  Spring is finally here. Even the relentless rain in California last week seemed tolerable;  after all, it's spring rain and that is a lot different than cold winter rain.  This is also the time fragrance lovers begin to shed the warm, rich fragrances that envelop us all winter in search of something lighter.  

One of my all time favorite fragrance notes is the Sakura (Cherry) Blossom . A beautiful floral note embellished with a distinct fruit element that is so wonderful. Best of all, it works effortlessly with so many types of fragrances.  Too soon to part with your Tobacco Leaf  perfume you fell in love with this winter?  Add a touch of Sakura Blossom and it will feel perfect for spring.  Prefer citrus fragrances?  Try Sakura Blossom with Pomegranate and Grapefruit, available in our Solid Perfume singles or in our Fruit Notes Palette No. 1.  I love to blend Sakura Blossom with White Tea and Ginger, ala our Green Notes Palette No. 1 or our new Roll-On Perfume Blend No. 4.  Floral fragrance aficionado?  Blend Sakura Blossom with the Honeysuckle and Sugandaraja Tuberose Solid Perfumes (I have been stopped while wearing this one!)

Explore the numerous options available to you for spring or any season.  Have fun with fragrance and trust your instincts.  Happy Spring!

Denise Estrada
Melange Perfume
Los Angeles 

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