Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Melange Solid Perfumes for 2011

I always like to take time in January to add or embellish fragrances for the new year.  Thanks in large part to the popularity of our new Blending Palettes we received a lot of feedback from customers.  Many wanted to see those blends in our Melange Solid Perfume singles. 

Our Plum Blossom solid perfume is now Plum & Tobacco Leaf.  I adore our Plum Blossom because it balances a crisp fruit note and a sparkling floral blossom so effortlessly.  When you add the Tobacco Leaf the fragrance takes on a whole new dimension. 

Melange Vanilla Orchid solid perfume is now Vanilla Orchid & Plum.  While the marriage of a Tahitian Vanilla blossom with fresh Ume Plum may not seem like a logical choice, it is the single most lauded blend in our Amber Notes Palette -- we even added a bit of Amber to complete the blend.   

All Melange Solid Perfumes are prepared in small batches in our signature base of natural Beeswax & Jojoba.  All can be worn alone or blended to create a custom fragrance blend.  Available at and stores nationwide.
Melange Perfume
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