Saturday, March 20, 2010

Melange Perfume Blend No. 16 - Paperwhite

Introducing Melange Perfume Blend No. 16

Our newest fragrance, Melange Roll-On Perfume Blend No. 16 embodies the crisp fragrance of Paperwhites in bloom - synonymous with the arrival of spring.  A bright floral melange with notes of freshly cut grass, fragrant white blossoms and sweet white tea.

Alcohol free, Melange roll-on pefumes are formulated in small quantities using a base of natural Coconut Oil Fractions, which allows our perfume to remain largely unchanged; and Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil, a natural antioxidant which adds a rich dimension to the perfume.

At .25 ounces, our perfumes are the perfect size for a handbag or travel, because when you love your perfume it should go everywhere with you. 

Available at and fine stores.  To find a store near you, please visit our website.

Melange Perfume
Los Angeles, CA

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